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Ukip's acting leader says mosques shouldn't be built as Islam forbids churches in its heartland

Ukip's acting leader has revealed he wouldn't want to personally see any new mosques built in the UK as "Islam doesn't allow a Christian church or a Sikh temple to be built in its heartland, because it's in the Koran".

Pope revives sex abuse commission amid scepticism

Pope Francis revived a sex abuse advisory commission by naming new members, after coming under fire for his handling of the scandal and his support for a Chilean bishop  accused by victims of witnessing and ignoring their abuse.

Salvation Army reveals staff sackings over sexual misconduct

The Salvation Army has revealed it sacked four members of staff in the past year for sexual misconduct in Britain.

Christians encouraged to join in with Visit Your Mosque Day

Churches across the country are encouraging Christians to join in with Visit Your Mosque Day.